Vedic Astrology

Jyotish, is a sanskrit term, that comes from the words ‘jyot’ meaning light and ‘ish’ meaning Ishwar (God). Hence, Jyotisha is the study of the light of God. From a single atom to the most fascinating galaxy in the universe, this light connects everything in the universe. That is why, the concept of as above –so below is the defining principle of Jyotisha. Jyotisha more popularly understood as Vedic Astrology, deals with all forms of divination as taught & practiced in India.

In the ancient Vedic times, the saints and the rishis studied the light coming from and movement patterns of different celestial bodies in the sky and how this affected the beings on planet Earth. It is believed that souls are in constant state of evolution and reincarnation is the catalyst for the soul to enable it to attain its ultimate purpose – Union with the Divine, in all its commonly understood manifestations, and popular recall by names.

It is also believed that the consequences of your karmas (actions) of many lifetimes have brought you to this specific birth, so you can carry out certain tasks to either make amends or perpetuate past patterns. Our actions have consequences and our goal is to always set in motion the karmas that will ease the current lifetime as well as the ones to come in the future. Every birth horoscope is different in this world as each soul comes with it’s own tapestry of karmic lessons, ancestral lineage & individual constitution to carry out the tasks of the current birth.

As a Vedic Astrology Counselor, Medha, works towards integrating her client’s mental processes and earthly ambitions with their soul’s path, as signified in their individual horoscope. The aim is to align the individual and elevate them from their all-pervading chaos to their synchronistic interconnectedness specific to this birth.

Among the array of issues astrology may be useful, include:

  • Medical well-being/Health
  • Financial
  • Marriage/Relationship
  • Employment/Business
  • Spiritual
  • Family
  • Decision making
  • Stress/Anxiety/Depression

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