All my consultations are private and I choose not to speak about any of my clients or the consultations that I have with them. This page is an exception as some of my clients have stepped forward to share their Tender Wisdom Consultation experience with all of you. Here’s what they have to say about the work I do as a Vedic Astrology counsellor and how the session/sessions impacted them.

“Medha is an exceptional astrologer and spiritual guide. She has an uncanny ability to connect at a deeper level and make one feel seen and heard. Her astrological understanding of your past, present and purpose is spot on – can turn any non-believer into a student of astrology, like she did for me. She lends a practical, relatable and modern context to this ancient wisdom, with absolute accuracy that blows my mind each time. Every one should benefit from her “tender wisdom” – it has the capacity to elevate one’s lived experiences in unimaginable ways.”

Renu Chokshi

– Admissions Consultant, USA


“I have had two consultations with Medha in the past year and a half and I have always left inspired with renewed hope in life, regardless of the uncertainty of it all. With Medha, it’s more like a conversation with an old, trusted friend. The way she frames and explains things is not only full of practical insights but also makes me feel deeply seen and supported. For me, that is so unbelievably unique in a field that the majority would consider esoteric. I recommend having a conversation with her, if nothing else but to know oneself better 🙂 Thanks much for your wisdom and work, Medha!”

Swastika Samanta

– Consultant/Academic

”Medha’s reading of my birth chart was my first step into connecting deeper into an inner knowing of my own life, but the validation from an unknown source, based on your planetary positions really helped. Her way of disseminating this very complex information in simple and accessible language with a psychological perspective is what I loved the most. I’ve recommended Medha to many, many people and each one has had a similar, heartening experience of feeling a sense of knowing while getting a larger perspective on their own life. Personally I’m interested in Vedic astrology and would love to learn from Medha.”

Shahana Goswami

– Actor

“Medha reads you like an open book” – that’s how a dear friend described her. And she was so right. Ever since our first consultation, my life has changed, because I walk ahead with the confidence that you have given me, the life purpose you have shown me. Medha, the best thing about you is that you never scare me with predictions, nor do you give false hopes. You give me the strength and wisdom to understand why things are happening. With you I have understood that knowing the future is important but understanding my past and present is even more crucial. And you do it so beautifully with astrology. I love the fact that you don’t suggest remedies just for the sake of it. In fact, all the remedies you suggest are backed with such great logic. I love the fact that you speak to me as a friend, as a guide. Your words carry me through the darkest moments. You are never judgmental. You always offer a very objective point of view to my life situations and offer great suggestion on how to manage them – based on astrology. And yes, your predictions are so right, so reassuring. I have loved all my consultations with you, so much that I have myself become interested in learning astrology. That’s how easy and how interesting you make it. You are very-very special. I truly wish I could have more frequent sessions with you, but I do know that your wisdom must reach out to many out there. I am blessed to have you in my life.”

Subrat Sinha

– Producer & Writer

Medha is a wonderful guide and astrologer. She deciphers one’s chart and explains the complexities of astrology in a very relatable and easy-to-comprehend manner. She always follows up her guidance with pertinent advise. I have had an intensive birth chart reading by Medha, which really helped me understand my life path better and enabled me to trust the changes I was going through. I then consulted her on my wedding date, which was postponed twice already due to covid and we were not being able to come to a common consensus as a family. She made decision-making for me very easy, as she offered me four date options and rated her preference by giving me a clear reasoning as to why she was choosing those particular dates. I went ahead with her pick, and everything fell into place thereafter; it was a beautiful day. We need more translators of the skies, such as Medha, to demystify the secrets of the universe.

Carol Singh

– Wellness Entrepreneur

”All my life I never really felt understood or that I belonged. And I wondered if my oddities were out of the blue and unexplained. Until I did an astrology consult with Medha. It was like a cosmic jigsaw puzzle falling into place. Who I am, why I am, what I am, where I was and where am I headed to next all fell into place. Her language of exploration is precise and devoid of mumbo jumbo. Her style is comforting and reassuring. Unlike a lot of astrologers who thrive on infusing fear into you with your chart she takes the route of hope and insight even with the toughest and trickiest predictions. So much so that I have been inspired to learn astrology and understand it further. Ten on ten would recommend a session with Medha. It is life altering.”

Sukanya Venkat

– Author

”Medha is someone who I keep going back to for advice and to sometimes just understand why somethings are happening for me in my life. Unlike traditional horoscope readers, Medha is very practical, honest but at the same time she explains why something is happening and the higher purpose/reason for it. I am so grateful to have met Medha. Sometimes just understanding why something is happening gives you more perspective and also more assurance. Thank you for everything Medha!”


– Head of Business, Christy, U.K.

”I just wanted to say how much I loved your reading. You are very wise, kind, and helpful. I feel incredibly inspired and energized. The reading gave me guidance in my life right now and inspired me. You are a skilled and talented astrologer and you care about those who consult with you. Thank you again for the reading. Just want to say you are by far the best astrologer to listen to. I always feel happy and excited when I have listened to you.”

Ginnie Virdi

– Actor

"In a world full of quacks, Medha takes astrology to the level of high science and yet she magically makes it all very simple and easy to comprehend. The depth and breadth of her knowledge of astrology, the universe and the ways of the world is unmatched. So far as the accuracy of her predictions goes, she once told me something about my life that happened more than a decade ago, and that too, to the exact year and even month! But perhaps the best thing about her is that she is really the voice of wisdom - the calm, reassuring presence and proper counsel that all of us so desperately need in our lives. And even her life hacks are so simple to execute and effective. In short, an interaction with Medha is something you would hope your astrology chart has destined for you!"

Navonil Chatterjee

– Brand Strategy Consultant, India

"Dear Medha ma'am, I just wanted to drop a message to you to let you know that my one consultation with you has completely changed the way I view things. Yes, as you said, I do still overthink, but honestly, it has reduced so much, and even when I do think about things, I can easily calm my mind again. It is all thanks to you. I really truly appreciate the way you present astrology and your explanation about timing is truly something everyone should know. I feel really blessed I found you and that you had the time for me when I really needed it. So much love to you, thank you.

I used to feel so guilty and useless of all the things that happened in the past, but when you explained to me my life purpose without judging me, now I can say that I have accepted everything that has happened to me. I don't feel ashamed anymore. I feel like I'm a new person. (A lot of astrologers have judged me and it really affected me so much, but you are so different ma'am). From the bottom of my heart, I thank you again."

Selvi Palaniappan

– Engineer Perth, Australia

"Medha from the word 'go' described everything that I was facing at that point of time and what I was going through. Before me asking any questions, she told me almost 90% of what I wanted to know. Not just that, she gave me solution and told me how to approach life and navigate my challenges. I felt like I was speaking to my best friend, someone who knew me inside out. Medha was extremely kind, sweet, understanding and patient. Thank you so much, Medha. I hope you (Medha) can do this reading for many people and they can get the benefit of your reading and your guidance."

Manasi Rachh

– Actor


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